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Bodacious Olive Sel Gris (Gray Sea Salt)


Sel Gris is also known as Celtic Salt or French Grey Salt and has become increasingly popular in the mainstream culinary world in the last few years, with many salt aficionados believing that it is the best quality salt available. Grey salt is considered an unrefined “moist” sea salt containing approzimately 13 percent residual moisture.It is typically found in French Atlantic coast region of Brittany. It’s light grey color is a natural occurring process of the minerals being absorbed from the clay lining the salt ponds.


Sel Gris can be used as either a cooking salt or finishing salt because of its size and texture. Unlike other finishing salts, Sel Gris will not pull the moisture from food, like Kosher salt which is used to absorb animal liquids.

Perfectly suited for heartier foods, such as seasoning both meats and vegetables – just one taste and you’ll understand why professional chefs worldwide tout its amazing flavorful qualities.

Flavor Profile

The texture of Sel Gris is a bit softer than the popular Fleur de Sel but just as delicate.The delightful flavor of Celtic Salt offers a complex balance of sea minerals with large grey crystals and a moist texture.

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