Stay Calm in the Kitchen

If your wish list starts with a calm, heartfelt thanksgiving: we hear you.

Here’s our tips and tricks to make sure tomorrow, starting with pre-baking casseroles tonight, is a mostly smooth ride.

Accept that it might get a little hectic – those two words that can make anyone more angry than you started: “Calm Down” – no, thank you. We know it might get a little more noisy in your house than usual today, first things first, accept the madness. Ah, it’s just one day.
Don’t try to be super woman (or man!) – if someone offers you help, do your best to find a job for them to do. You’re doing enough!
Try to get a little bit of exercise – maybe getting up before everyone else is already part of your plan but sneaking in a walk can be a great way to burn off any stress before the day gets rolling. You can also try to make it to one of your regularly scheduled exercise classes if your day allows. Breathe Yoga and Wellness Center is offering a special Thanksgiving class at 10 AM tomorrow.
Drink water! We know coffee and wine are a big part of the day – thank goodness, but to make sure you stay even keeled – aim to sip one cup of coffee in the morning, add large amounts of water, then sip a glass of wine as you conclude your dinner preparations.
Clean the counters frequently – this can be a great way to use the help that’s hopefully been offered to you. Just like making the bed, cleaning the counters can create a clean mental slate.
EAT! This day is all about indulging in your favorite foods, but often those of us who are cooking forget to eat. If you manage to get out and exercise in the morning, make sure you follow up your sweat sesh with a nice protein rich breakfast and snacks throughout the day.
Remember people will be themselves.. The most frustrating part about family gatherings is often the lingering issues that may be hanging out at the dinner people. A great advice we once heard is, “Meet people where they are.” You won’t be able to change your aunt, uncle or spouse, but you can accept them as they are and love them for who they are, even if it’s just for today.
Gratitude! Though it can be a challenge, when you find yourself feeling heated or frustrated, find an item you’re grateful for today: Family health, monetarily able to purchase food, grateful to see your friends and family, ability to live in an amazing home, our Gulf Coast Community, and more.

We hope you have a fabulous day with your friends and family! We are so grateful to each and every one of you.

See you soon!